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We provide lawn care and maintenance services to protect and grow a healthy, brilliant lawn for you and your family to enjoy year-round.

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Imagine stepping outside to a lush, vibrant lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. At Broken Arrow Pest Control, we make that dream a reality with our Lawn Treatment Services. We recognize that your lawn is more than just a piece of property—it’s a source of pride and a place for family memories. That’s why our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your lawn. Our expert team is committed to transforming your outdoor space into a thriving, beautiful extension of your home.
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Revitalize your lawn with comprehensive Livingston lawn care, dedicated to nurturing and enhancing your green space.

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  • Grubworms
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Fire Ants
  • Mole Crickets
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Yard Fertilization

  • Weed & Feed
  • Routine
  • Winterizer
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  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease
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Weed Lawn Control

  • Pre-Engagement
  • Post-Engagement

Best Practices For Maintaining Your Lawn

As a property owner, there are many things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. By incorporating these best practices into your yard maintenance routine, you can ensure your lawn care service provider’s hard work lasts longer and is more effective.


Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Patricia PrimmPatricia Primm
16:18 18 Jan 24
Leaf cutter ants...we live in the piney forest on 3 acres. Leaf cutters are part of our world...until we "had" a really bad infection starting under our home February 2023... I stopped counting at 20 queens on morning. I treated them with Everything including a mixture recommend by Texas A&M. Nothing! was deterring them. Seriously all summer was spent trying to move them...I knew I couldn't go through it again. Hence I contacted Broken Arrow Pest Control mid December of 2023. Joel came out - he was clear and concise on our treatment plan. I spent less on this professional treatment then I did purchasing all those other products, my time, energy...!If you have a Leaf Cutter Ant problem like us....just call Broken Arrow - they have the treatment plan!!! Joel came back for a follow up today - we have dead mounds!!!I am thrilled!!!! I will actually try to grow a garden this year. We are now on the 90 day treatment plan to make sure these guys stay away from my garden and especially our home! Thank you Broken Arrow Pest Control!!!
lbressane Babinlbressane Babin
22:02 30 Nov 23
First i spoke to Christina on the phone about the problem I was having and she immediately detected my problem and schedule a technician right away.The technician that came to my house, aware of my situation. His name is Kenneth McDonald. He was extremely polite, knowledgeable and he did an excellent job explaining to me all my questions. I’m very satisfied. Great service.
Sherilyn St. ClairSherilyn St. Clair
17:57 17 Oct 23
We had our quarterly treatment and mentioned we had gnats so Joel did an additional treatment. The next week they were still bad, so I called again and Joel came back out the next day and re-treated. They are a GREAT company with knowledgeable and friendly staff. We have used them for a couple of years now and wouldn't use anyone else!
Brandi PeachesBrandi Peaches
17:53 06 Oct 23
We have used Broken Store for several years now but the technician that just came out named Justin was OUTSTANDING. Best we've ever had. Ask for him.
Ashley DunhamAshley Dunham
21:29 18 Aug 23
Thomas has been spraying our dock the last 4 months and I am blown away with the results. It had been over a month since I had been to our lake house and, this time of year, I was expecting to see a decrease of spider activity...but never did I imagine it would look the way it did. Virtually NO spiders. Hiring Broken Arrow to spray monthly was one of the best things we chose to do. Bravo to Broken Arrow and many thanks to Thomas!!!
Barbara SmithBarbara Smith
14:25 17 Jul 23
I can't say enough good things about Broken Arrow Pest Control!!! I used them the first time several years ago and then needed them again recently. They get you scheduled in a timely manner and at your convenience. The office staff are very knowledgeable and professional, yet friendly. The young man, KENNETH MCDONALD, that did the spraying was very nice and well mannered. We visited after he finished spraying and it was like talking to someone I had known for a long time. I highly recommend this company for any pest control needs.

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Benefit from our expertise in lawn care. Our professional team is equipped to handle disease treatment, weed control, and fertilization, ensuring your lawn receives the best care possible for lasting health and beauty.

Best Practices For
Maintaining Your Lawn

As a property owner, there are many things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. By incorporating these best practices into your yard maintenance routine, you can ensure your lawn care service provider’s hard work lasts longer and is more effective.
  1. Water regularly. In general, turf requires one inch of water per week during the active growing season and should be adjusted based on weather conditions. It’s best to apply water in smaller amounts during the week instead of all at once. It’s also better to water in the morning or early afternoon during the heat of the day. Watering at night produces a wet lawn, creating ideal conditions for disease. Irrigation during heat and moisture stress periods can encourage turf recovery, reduce weed encroachment, and help alleviate certain diseases and insect damage.
  2. Maintain a recommended mowing height. Mowing height recommendations vary by grass type. Mow regularly and avoid removing more than one-third of the surface of the turf blade, as short mowing can damage the turf. Grasses with higher mowing heights can better compete with weeds and tolerate drought stress.
  3. Ensure mower blades are sharp, as dull mower blades tear the turf rather than cutting it and create a ragged appearance. Additionally, mow when your turf is dry to avoid clumps of clippings, which will smother the turf if they are not removed. Mowing dry turf allows even distribution of clippings over the lawn. The following is an overview of recommended mowing heights for various grass types.

    Turf type Recommended mowing height (in.) 1 Bermudagrass (common or hybrid) 0.75–2” Bahiagrass 2–4", Centipedegrass 1–1.5” St. Augustinegrass 2.5-4” and Zoysiagrass 0.75–2 3”.

  4. Don’t over-fertilize. While fertilization directly influences turf's ability to tolerate disease pressure, too much can be detrimental. Ensure your lawn is properly fertilized, but avoid adding too much fertilizer, which can cause unwanted damage such as yellowing, browning, or even kill healthy grass.
  5. Aerate soils that are subject to heavy traffic which are prone to compaction. Aeration can help loosen compacted soil, which helps water, air, and fertilizers reach the turf roots. It can also help with overseeding. Typically, you should aerate once or twice a season by removing small cylindrical cores of soil and thatch from your lawn. Tools like a mechanical core aerator can help with this process and can aerate a yard quickly to maximize the area covered. When the soil is moist, the best times for aerating cool-season turf are spring and fall. Warm season turf should be aerated in the summer.
  6. Manage shaded areas. Growing turf in shaded areas can be challenging. Turfgrass needs a significant amount of sunlight to thrive, and lawns can thin out when adequate amounts aren’t received. Pruning tree foliage to help increase the amount of filtered light, can help improve the look and feel of your lawn.
  7. Prevent brown patches. You may begin to see brown spots on your lawn that are likely caused by insects or disease rather than lack of water. If you begin to see damage, contact your lawn care service to develop a treatment plan to help stop the problem from spreading and protect the investment you have made in your lawn.
By incorporating these practices into your lawn care routine, you can create strong, dense turf which can better withstand weed and disease pressure throughout the season.