Scorpions Pest Control

Scorpions In East Texas, Really?

Scorpions are not just something you find in the desert.  In East Texas there are many areas where you will find the bark scorpion. Scorpions are mostly nocturnal and will hide under things such as rocks, wood piles or other debris during the day. They are frequently found in homes, only requiring 1/16 of an inch to enter. 

Are They Dangerous?

They may sting if threatened but are rarely deadly to people.A scorpions sting can be painful, sometimes described as being similar to a sting from a wasp. If you have a weakened immune systems, known allergies to other stinging pests, are a child or are elderly they could pose serious health risks. Effective scorpion control is a must.

Can They Be Controlled?

Since scorpions are mostly nocturnal, you might have trouble finding them during the day our pest control technicians are trained to know the places scorpions may be hiding.  We know how to get rid of scorpions from your home or other buildings.  We will also offer possible mechanical control measures to help remove harborage areas to help limit you future exposure to these pests.






Scorpions pest control

Think you have Scorpions?

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