Termite Control

Have you seen swarming termites?
Let us take a look for you.


Eastern Subterranean Termites

The most common species of termites we find in the area.  Colonies will be in the soil and worker termites will travel up to their food sources.  On very rare occasions, under special circumstances, are they able to establish colonies above ground.  These termites will swarm during the day usually between 10am and noon from March – April.


Formosan Subterranean Termites

The second most common species of termites we find in the area.  Colonies can be in the soil but if they find favorable areas above ground they will establish colonies above ground.  This species is very aggressive feeder and will eat wood very quickly.  These termites will swarm at night typically from May – June.  They are frequently referred to as the ‘Mother’s Day Swarmers’ because they will often swarm right around Mother’s Day.


Drywood Termites

The least common species of termites we find in the area but we come across them from time to time.  Colonies are completely above ground and do not need contact with the soil.  When you have a colony of these you will typically find their fecal pellets directly below where the colony is located.  These termites will typically require fumigation for treatment.  This species prefers old wood so frequently they will be found in old homes and/or antique furniture.









What Solutions Do You Provide?

We provide multiple option for treatment based on your particular situation.  We provide treatments to the whole home or spot treatments.  Every home or office is different and so we are required by law to do an inspection before we can give you an exact price.  At that time we will go over the different options available to you for an effective treatment to your property and to provide you will long term control.  We provide long term guarantees, not guarantees that you will have to pay for year after year.

I Found Swarmers In My House What Do I Need To Do?

There is two reasons you would find swarmers in your home: 1. termites swarmed outside your home and crawled through an opening to come into your home, 2. the swarm came from your home which means you have worker termites feeding inside.  A termite inspection will provide the answer you need.

Termite Pest Control & Inspections

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Ask about our organic pest control service options! If you want to use an environmental friendly method, we have a variety of organic solutions that work great and are fantastic families with young children.

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