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I Don’t Have A Pet, Why Do I Have Fleas?

Fleas can be carried to your yard from stray cats or dogs even wildlife passing through.  No stage of the flea is attached to anything, so wherever they go, they are dropping off and picking up fleas.  When you walk through an area where they have been traveling you will pickup fleas and can carry them into your home or office.

I Heard Fleas Are Bad This Year?

Flea populations tend to be the same from year to year.  Typically when someone says that fleas are bad this year, usually means that they had fleas that year. 

Are Small Fleas, Sand Fleas?

If you are seeing small fleas you are seeing juvenile fleas.  When adult fleas first emerge from their cocoon they are small and as they continue to mature they will grow to a full size adult flea.






Services Offered For Fleas.

One-time or preventative service for fleas.  Treatment of Home or Business, interior and/or Exterior. 

Eco Friendly.

Upon request we can provide one-time or preventative service for fleas using eco-friendly products.  Treatment of Home or Business, interior and/or Exterior. 

3 Step Approach to Effective Control


Vacuuming can remove thousands of the larvae and flea eggs from the floors in your home, as well as the larvae’s food supply of dried blood.

Prior to treatment we request that you vacuum all the floor coverings including under furniture, cushions, chairs and pet beds. Discard vacuum  bags or contents of canisters into a zip lock bag and throwaway. If not removed fleas can continue to develop inside vacuum cleaner and re-infest the house.

Treating Pet

Treating your pet is the first line of defense to see control.  Please purchase a flea product from your veterinarian to use on your pet.  Bathing pets with a soap made especially for them can also provide immediate death of fleas on the pet.  Use caution that the soap you choose is for your pet and that too much washing can limit effectiveness of flea products used on the pet.

Professional Treatment

The final step is to have your home treated professionally.  We use a combination of products to not only kill the adult fleas but to slow down and stop their reproduction.

With our guarantee you will know you’re in good hands.


flea exterminator

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