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I Don’t Have A Pet, Why Do I Have Fleas?

Fleas can be carried to your yard from stray cats or dogs even wildlife passing through.  No stage of the flea is attached to anything, so wherever they go, they are dropping off and picking up fleas.  When you walk through an area where they have been traveling you will pickup fleas and can carry them into your home or office.

Is There Anything I Need To Do Prior To Treatment?

Your entire home must be vacuumed and pets need to be treated with an effective flea product.  After vacuuming place bag or contents of canister into large zippered storage bag, seal it up and place in outdoor trash.  An effective flea product is a product you would get from your veternarian.  We recommend a product for fleas and/or ticks only.  While you are using these products do not use flea and tick shampoos, flea dips, topical flea sprays or dawn ‘dishwashing’ soap.

I Heard Fleas Are Bad This Year?

Flea populations tend to be the same from year to year.  Typically when someone says that fleas are bad this year, usually means that they had fleas that year. 

Are Small Fleas, Sand Fleas?

If you are seeing small fleas you are seeing juvenile fleas.  When adult fleas first emerge from their cocoon they are small and as they continue to mature they will grow to a full size adult flea.

Is Dawn Safe For My Pet?

No.  Dawn is a dishwashing liquid soap and could cause harm your pets skin by over drying it.  If you would like to bathe your pet use a cat or dog shampoo, whichever is appropriate, they will be as effective and are less likely to harm your pets skin.  If you are using a flea and/or tick product you need to put off bathing as much as possibly.  Bathing will strip the oils from their skin which is where most of these products will be, so every time they are bathed you are removing these products.






Services Offered For Fleas.

One-time or preventative service for fleas.  Treatment of Home or Business, interior and/or Exterior. 

Eco Friendly.

Upon request we can provide one-time or preventative service for fleas using eco-friendly products.  Treatment of Home or Business, interior and/or Exterior. 

flea exterminator

Think you have Fleas?

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